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February 2018
EuroAsylum News

Friendly Reminder

Hello everyone, I'm Ritzin.

You may remember me as the one who assasinated Alix and took the throne. Recently I gathered my closest sages and had a discussion about you all. I don't really remember what we talked about cause there was a lot of booze and drugs. Good job I took some notes during the talk...

Friendly Actions

So recently we've been a bit rubbish at keeping FC actions up. We'll try to be a little better at this -

1. We'll keep up the Extended Food and more Battle EXP actions most of the time.

2. Should an event on one day be based on Gold Saucer activities, we will likely put up the MGP payout action

3. If I notice the action activation starts getting a bit lax again, or a great many officers start taking breaks from the game, I will give the ability to purchase and activate actions to an active member of the FC

4. As always though, if you crave an action please ask!

Friendly Diadems

Similarly I've decided to grant the ability to begin exploratory missions to the diadem to certain non-officer members. I'll focus on giving this "honor" to those who play the game often enough to justify this.

Friendly Events

We've not held many events at all recently, but we'd like to change that. We'll be restructuring the existing event schedule as most of us don't have statics anymore to conflict.

1. Monday: Anything Goes. This will primarily be a "lets do whatever" event a good slot for social events, pony farming, glamour farming or perhaps more diadem if people crave it. Our little midget Riiko will primarily run these events

2. Tuesday: Void Ark Tuesday - Self explanatory really, we'll use greed loot rules. Yours truly will run this most of the time

3. Wednesday: Wow! Free day! 

4. Thursday: Primary Event Day - One of the following: HW EX Primals, Coil Clears, Diadem, Crafting/Gathering evening

5. Friday: Woaah! Another Free day!

6. Saturday: Primary Event day.

7. Sunday: Wow Ritz, you're so generous! Another free day?!

To begin with, at least 1 Primary event day will be a journey to the Diadem, primarily to be lead by our long necked idiot, Emper. Do remember to vocalise your preference in the events thread for primary and anything goes days.

Friendly closing words

I know it was a sudden thing, me becoming Leader. Perhaps with how well a lot of you know me it might be a little difficult to see me in this position. However I hope you're all fine with me taking the reins of this communuty and I hope we can continue to forge lasting friendships...

Or something.

LonixLoxie Wait, Ritz has a collection of Lala Heads and I've not seen it?????? On topic though I've not really been on ...
Haplo All hail the king of the nerds Ritzin I, one of those free days could be public beheading day... until we run out of peo...

Newsletter #29 (week 46.2015)

Riiko a posted Nov 14, 15

Dear fellow adventurers, 

Patch 3.1 is out for nearly a week now! Have you been enjoying it so far?

We've had an Exploration to the Diadem on Wednesday and there will surely be more of them once our airships unlock Sector 22 which allows us to do a Diadem (Hard) exploration. Please look forward to it.

Make sure to have a look at the Adventurers Guild in Limsa. There you can start the FFXI Crossover Seasonal Event which is available until end of December 2015. 

In order to offer you more events than during the time of The Geat Demotivation, there will be an Officer meeting soon, resulting in new events and more stuff to do together! ò.óV Please look forward to more events of the current contents. 

Regarding social events, I'm thinking about having a Verminion Noob Master Tournament some time with special rules which minion(s) may be used to make it more interesting. Please look forward to it. 

TL;DR Please look forward to events.



Hello everyone!

It's been a while since Heavensward was released and by now we have 2 Airships! The youngest airship is called SE. Sadness Engine. Such a suitable name. 

As the initial HW rush has settled, the Moonfire Faire event has finally started! Make sure to not miss the fun at Costa del Sol. 

The summer event offers unique opportunities:

Cute outfits.

A romantic night while watching the fireworks

A day with your friends

The hottest glamours Eorzea has ever seen. 
I heard rumors that there might be LS events coming up soon, so look out for them! :D

Don't come to the beach! It's super DANGEROUS!

Dear Fellow Adventurers,

Last weekend, we built our very own airship during the LS Event! \(ö_ö)/

It was loads of fun! Thank you all again for your contributions and making the airship possible.

Have fun with the airship and the other tools in our workshop!

I heard at rank 21, the next airship can be unlocked so keep it up ò.ó/


Are you prepared for Heavensward?

I am! ò.óV

Below, I added some links to useful websites for Heavensward in case you would like to get some information beforehand - if you haven't done this already.

A basic Heavensward FAQ

Overview of HW content regarding new jobs (detailed abilities), new level cap, dungeons, etc.
They update it on a regular basis, as soon as new information is revealed.

Official Heavensward Website

Detailed news about the Early Access, how it works and what to do with the early access code and the actual expansion code
Unfortunately, not much is known about the new storyline itself.

Early Access: 19th June, 9:00 GMT
Release: 23rd June
2-Week Unlock: 7th July
4-Week Unlock: 21st July
Be prepared for maintenances, overcrowded servers with long queues and connection losses in the first days of Early Access and Release.

Looking forward to explore Heavensward with everyone!
Aquariums, only 1 and a half year after asking for it wohoo... ;)
hey everyone. Not too many online when I logged this day. I am back. RL got in the way big time, so haven't had much time to play as of late
Hey Lavo! Good to see you again. :) I haven't been on for a while. But I did much the same, though I ended up playing ffxi instead!
Hey, are people still playing? I was listening to FFXI soundtrack and it gave me the feels so might jump back on FFXIV soon
Where everything for 3.2 starts [link]